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Alualpha has its origin in the sixties, with the appearance on the scene of the first aluminium windows. Alualpha was the domestic market leader in this field and so was well-placed to develop the new types of fittings needed. As there was no fittings available specifically for the aluminium frames, it had to be specially manufactured together with the windows. About twenty years ago, all this know-how and vast expertise led to the setting up of what is today Alualpha – Fabrico de Comercialização de Ferragens, SA.

Alualpha are the pioneers in manufacture of Window and Door accessories. We have done many prestigious projects with installations of over 50 years. Alualpha carries the brand name Alpha and is well known across the globe for its quality and innovation.

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Friction Stay

"World wide, Security style is recognised for setting the standards in hardware , Those standards reflect out commitment to quality in design, manufacture & Performance."

"Out in-depth understanding of the markets in which we operate means that we anticipate the growing requirements in each sector."



Staying true to the tradition of un-compromoising quality and international standard products, the Pulse hardware range, brings a whole new meaning to the look,feel and functionality of your doors and windows.

Pulse is an established brand approved by industry professionals who over the years have recognized Pulse as a hardware solutions provider for their emerging needs of luxury living & customer satisfaction.

Pulse offers the finest quality high endurance hardware products and services to its esteemed clients – pushing the quality benchmark further with each new innovation and striving continuously to provide internationally acclaimed products and services across the Indian subcontinent.

Pulse products are customized to fit into local profiles/sections with an added advantage of being easy to install and does not require any special tools for fixing /installation.

Our technical support team is readily available on request and can help you in making the right selection of hardware.

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LGF is a leading firm in manufacturing machines for working aluminium profiles, light alloys and PVC. LGF is the point of reference for customers in more than 40 countries of the world.

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