Silicone Sealants


Silicone Sealants

Pioneered by GE. Refined by GE.

With a history of dedication to innovation and excellence, today's family of GE sealant and coating products address a wide variety of the ever-inventive, increasingly demanding architecture found around the world. Outstanding durability, flexibility and movement capability are fundamental to the high performance of GE construction products. With decades of experience, in new and remedial applications, on some of the world's most innovative structures, the team provides knowledge and comprehensive support to help ensure each project is successful.

Structural Glazing

With outstanding duratility, excellent joint movement capability and weather resistance, GE structural glazing products provide properties for many of the unique and challenging architecture demands around the globe.


GE Weatherseal products are equipped with attributes that allow for the long-term protection of the building envelope.

Insulating Glass

GE insulating glass products have the strength and adhesion properties critical to long-term performance.


GE glazing sealants' fast-cure properties provide rapid adhesion build and a long-lasting bead that can accommodate a wide range of movement.


GE specialty family includes a variety of sealants and adhesives to meet a broad spectrum of sealing and adhesion requirements.

The products pioneered by GE Silicone Sealants are :-

  • SSG 4600 A + B - Two part High Performance Structural Sealant
  • SSG 4400 A + B - Two part Structural Sealant
  • IGS 3723 A + B - Two part Insulated Glazing Sealant
  • SCS 9000 - Silpruf NB - Non bleed Non stain High Performance weather sealant
  • SCS 2000 - Silpruf - High Performance weather sealant
  • Silglaze WS - Cladding and General glazing weather sealant
  • Alusil - Neutral GP
  • Winsil 10 - Acetoxy GP