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Momentive’s innovative portfolio of silicone elastomers influence the design of hundreds of applications across a wide range of industries. The exceptional properties of silicone elastomers, such as, heat and moisture resistance, flame retardancy, weatherability and dielectric properties, make them ideal candidates for a wide range of industrial, electrical transmission, transportation and consumer applications. In addition, the purity, clarity, and strength of silicone elastomers have benefited a variety of medical and baby care products.

We believe elastomers should fit the application. That’s why we deliver both standard and customized formulations that can meet our customers’ precise specifications for a wide range of performance, processing and production requirements.

Featuring product brands such as Addisil,* Silplus,* Silopren,* Tufel* and StatSil,* Momentive's portfolio of heat-cured elastomers (HCEs), liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs), bonding agents, additives and customized solutions provide a range of material options that offer resistance to moisture, chemicals, heat, aging, and even microbial growth.

Our chemically inert HCEs can also provide excellent mechanical properties for extrusion, molding and calendering applications. Our low-viscosity, pumpable LSR family of materials can help promote easier injection molding of complex articles. In addition, our innovative ultra-clear LSRs can help provide heat and UV resistance without sacrificing optical clarity. Our UV-curing rubbers can be cured in UV-light at low temperatures, offering greater manufacturing and design versatility compared to conventional thermal curing materials. And, use of our innovative StatSil antimicrobial elastomers in health care applications can provide end users with greater design flexibility and performance where controlling the growth of microbes in or on the human body is of concern.

We can supply compounds that match our customers' fabrication equipment and fit their packaging and production needs to help minimize handling at their facilities. We can also preform elastomers into dozens of standard dimensions and shapes, including pellet, log, pig, wigwag, coil strip and sheet.

With global custom elastomer facilities in the USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, China and India, we are capable of offering a fast, productive and simple solution to meet our customers' specific requirements. Learn how our world-class technical personnel can help our customers select and customize our elastomers for their unique applications.

* Addisil, Silplus, Silopren, Tufel and StatSil are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.; Silplus is also used under license in Japan from Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical Co., Ltd.

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